Ma Sunday and Grace Witte

Ma Sunday Still Speaks, published in 1957, is a transcription of some tape recordings done with Helen “Ma” Sunday a few years before she died. She gives a tour around her house and tells the story of how her daughter Helen and her husband Billy died. There is not much information about the revival meetings but still a very interesting read. The book was sent to me by Grace Witt from a senior citizens home in Winona Lake, Indiana. She used to be a tour guide in the Sunday home and probably led hundreds of tours in those days. She was one of my first contacts in the late 1990’s when I was looking for people who might have known or seen Billy Sunday. She wrote on the inside of the book, “I have sold many books like this. I am sure the Lord has kept this one just for you. It is the last I have.”

She sent me some postcards also. One of those seen below is a picture of his study and how it looked in the 1960’s. In the picture below, Mrs. Sunday is sitting in the same room. I also have posted some modern pictures of the Billy Sunday home as it looks today. The rooms today have the same furniture the Sundays used when they lived there.

Thank you for sharing and sending me your picture Grace. Sitting on her lap is one of her 8 great grand-children. I hope to see you in Heaven and thank you for your help.